Business Litigation-Ownership Disputes

Kraemer Burns has represented parties to disputes among shareholders, partners and members of other closely held enterprises.  Certain of these disputes take the form of minority owners challenging the control of the majority, claiming that the controlling group has acted oppressively or fraudulently.   Others may be disputes challenging the majority's ownership of the closely held enterprise.   Disagreements may arise because the ownership documentation was handled informally or not kept up to date.  Early co-owners may have come and gone.  All that changes when the business becomes successful and ownership issues must be sorted out.  Many disputes pit family and former friends against one another.  The stakes are high.

The firm has also litigated business ownership disputes in a larger corporate context.  Our attorneys have experience with "fair value" and other appraisal issues, proxy fights, and voting and other shareholder meeting issues.

Kraemer Burns is sensitive to the toll that ownership disputes may have on business.  Early settlement negotiations are often recommended and sometimes succeed.   But where litigation and trial prove necessary, Kraemer Burns' attorneys can proceed with expertise.