Real Estate Tax Appeals

Kraemer Burns represents residential, commercial and industrial property owners before county tax boards and the New Jersey Tax Court challenging real property assessments. These cases range from the representation of over assessed homeowners to complex matters involving such issues as contaminated property and and a functionally obsolete nuclear facility. During 2015 the firm represented property owners in 159 tax appeals.
Kraemer Burns' recently obtained a $415,000 tax reduction for the owner of a large heavily contaminated former industrial site located on a major highway and suitable for the construction of a shopping center. The trial was over several days, and the court issued a sixty-one page opinion addressing the many complex valuation issues presented by the case.

Kraemer Burns has handled a number of major tax cases in the New Jersey Supreme Court including one case adjudicating the taxation of nonprofit continuing care facilities, and another determining the tax status of mobile homes.  

The firm wrote the briefs in the leading New Jersey Supreme Court case involving the valuation of contaminated property. In that case our client owned a large contaminated tract and had a much larger economic interest in the issue than the petitioner then seeking certification to the New Jersey Supreme Court and for whom, at our clients request, we did the briefing.

New Jersey law firms that regularly represent property owners on tax appeals usually do so on a contingency determined by the amount of tax savings achieved. Kraemer Burns usually handles these cases on such a basis, but at client request, will do so on an hourly basis.