Product Liability Litigation

Kraemer Burns' attorneys have extensive experience representing corporate and commercial clients in the defense of product liability claims, as well as injured claimants who have suffered serious personal injury or property damage from defective products or inadequate warnings.   These claims have been handled in the state and federal courts of New Jersey, the Third Circuit Court, and the United States Supreme Court.

Product liability litigations are often complex, involving disputes as to the adequacy of the design of a product, whether it contained a manufacturing defect, whether the warnings were adequate or whether the end user properly used the product.

Some of the firm's high profile cases include:

East River SS Corp. v. Transamerica Delaval Inc. in which the firm served as local counsel in the District Court, Third Circuit and later on the brief and second chair at the argument in the United Sates Supreme Court. This is one of the nation's most important product liability decisions and substantially limits manufacturers' tort liabilities. 

Malin v. Union Carbide Corp. represented an attempt by plaintiff's attorneys to establish that an epoxy resin caused photodermatitis, a debilitating dermatological disease. We served a defense counsel on behalf of our prevailing client.

The firm has also represented:

Kraemer Burns has also represented claimants in high profile and high value cases, including prosecuting claims against a cheese manufacturer who designed its own guardrails on a cheese melting vat.  The firm's client fell into the vat filled with boiling cheese sustaining severe injuries. With comprehensive reports from well regarded experts regarding the poor design of the railing and the inadequacy of the warnings, Kraemer Burns was able to achieve a substantial settlement at the opening of the trial.