Probate / Fiduciary Litigation

Kraemer Burns' litigators have experience in probate and fiduciary litigation.   These cases include not only will contests—for example, challenges based on undue influence or defective wills—but a range of other actions involving wills, trusts and gifts. These litigations may include estate and trust accountings as well as claims of executor and trustee malfeasance.   The issues in these cases may be complex and fiduciaries may be exposed to personal liability.  Because the disputes usually involve family members and significant assets, the litigation is often emotionally charged.  Where the assets involve family enterprises, ownership or control may be at stake. 

Our attorneys are experienced in the chancery and other courts where these proceedings are brought.   They have tried will contests and other actions involving fiduciaries.  Early attempts to resolve these disputes are usually recommended.  Where litigation becomes necessary, our attorneys proceed with experience, judgment and strength.

We represent fiduciaries as well as beneficiaries who challenge wills and fiduciary conduct.