Commercial Litigation

Kraemer Burns' commercial litigators each have decades of experience.  They have practiced in state and federal courts, as well as in the ADR context.  Their high-level experience allows them to analyze a dispute at its inception, devise a strategy with the client to achieve the best possible result, and to implement the strategy in a cost-effective way.

Apart from experience in a broad range of contract and commercial disputes, Kraemer Burns' business litigators have experience in the following, more specialized, areas:

Real Estate Litigation

Kraemer Burns' attorneys have represented parties in disputes arising out of the sale and purchase of substantial commercial properties.  The firm has also represented commercial lessors and lessees in disputes involving assignments, options, rent escalations, maintenance of premises, and the condition of the premises returned to the lessor at the end of the lease term.  Our attorneys are experienced in actions to quiet title and in condominium disputes.   Kraemer Burns also has experience with guaranty claims, such as a recent action where summary judgment was obtained on behalf of a landlord against a foreign guarantor of the lessee's obligations regarding a Manhattan theatre, after process was served in India pursuant to the Hague Convention and a jurisdiction motion was overcome.  A microcosm of our cost-effective approach, the contested case was won without any discovery being taken.

Class Actions

Kraemer Burns' attorneys are experienced in representing parties in class actions in a variety of contexts, including a pharmaceutical manufacturer against personal injury claims; the operator of a fuel depot against class claims for property damage arising from an explosion; an auto insurer against claims by healthcare providers; a bank for claims by student loan borrowers; a multinational chemical company for claims by former employees for retiree health care benefits and a life insurer in connection with claims by an insured with respect to a waiver of premium benefit.

Commercial Products Liability

Kraemer Burns' attorneys are experienced in cases involving claims for economic loss arising from defective commercial products. They have represented both manufacturers and end users.

Professional Malpractice

Kraemer Burns' attorneys have represented clients who have sustained economic loss in a broad range of professional malpractice cases involving attorneys, settlement agents, insurance brokers, real estate appraisers, architects, engineers and accountants.

Restrictive Covenant Litigation

Kraemer Burns' attorneys have also represented plaintiffs and defendants in restrictive covenant disputes.  These actions frequently involve departing employees, such as executives, brokers, salespersons, and scientific and technical people,  but they also arise in the context of actions between companies stemming from transactional covenants.