International Sale of Goods

Kraemer Burns is experienced in representing clients in transactions involving the international purchase and sale of goods.  Attorneys at the firm have worked with the United Nations Convention for the International Sale of Goods (CIGS). We advise clients about the pros and cons of opting out of CIGS and requiring the cross border sale being covered by Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code.

Through its membership in Mackrell International with its firms in over 60 other countries Kraemer Burns is able to afford its client seamless legal representation in a cost effective manner. A few examples of this ability follow:

The German subsidiary of a Swiss client was selling machinery with a mid 8-figure euro value to a New York company and it affiliates. The equipment was being delivered to locations in the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom and Canada. Only a portion of the purchase price was being paid in advance and the balance was to be paid after the equipment was delivered. The transaction raised issues of German law, Czech law, UK law and Canadian law with respect to securing our client's interest in the equipment to assure payment of the balance of the purchase price. Kraemer Burns overseeing this multi jurisdiction transaction was able to quickly mobilize a term of highly qualified attorneys from Mackrell member firms to do what was required to protect the client's interest. The client was extremely pleased with the way this complex transaction was handled and was also very satisfied with what it considered to be a very reasonable charge for the legal services provided.

A Kraemer Burns client manufacturing medical equipment had an opportunity to establish a Belgian distributorship but needed this to be done quickly. Kraemer Burns sent the Belgian Mackrell firm a copy of the standard U.S. distributorship agreement that it had long before prepared for the client.  Within a matter of hours Kraemer Burns received a copy of of client's distributorship agreement marked up with the changes required to make it compatible with Belgian and E.U. law. The bill from the Belgium Mackrell firm was under $1,000.  The client was impressed that the project was completed so quickly and for such a nominal fee.